Even as a child Luke had an ambition to travel in Africa.  The ambition was strengthened in his first year at University, when he and Anna took part in the annual Easter hitchhike to Morocco, to raise funds for LinkCommunity Development.  Luke being Luke a few days in the Atlas mountains were tacked on to the journey, and that Summer they embarked on something more challenging, an expedition to Peru and Bolivia, involving some serious mountain climbing and a solo trek to Machu Picchu via a very unconventional route.  But that is another story.

After leaving University Anna and Luke moved to London to plan a cycling excursion through Africa – and to earn funds to finance it.  They asked people to sponser them, all money going to Link, for whom ultimately over £4,000 was raised.

In August 2004 they set off from Greenwich.  En route they posted updates every couple of weeks or so, internet cafes permitting.  These updates are republished here without editing, we hope you enjoy them.

They did reach Cape Town in March 2006, and, later that year, on returning to the UK they set up Drover Holidays, offering escorted and self-guided walking and cycling holidays in Wales.  Over the years the business has expanded, and they now have a large cycle shop in Hay-on-Wye, selling an extensive range of bikes and spares, with a fully equipped workshop and an extensive bike hire fleet to suit all tastes.

If you live in the area, or are just passing through, why not call in to see what they have on offer?  If you are thinking of a long distance expedition, especially if it is to Africa, Anna and Luke may be able to help, probably best to drop them an e-mail.

Introductions over, start reading now, and enjoy the journey.


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