A selection of photos from the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

Sponsored by
Gametrackers Safaris

The cheetahs we encountered were amazingly unfazed by the presence of humans, even climbing onto the roofs of vehicles and one time sitting on our bonnet.

Despite looking like overgrown cattle, buffalo are apparently very bad-tempered and one of Africa’s most dangerous animals.

We saw loads of zebra, including these ones grabbing a last mouthful of grass before dark.

Wildebeest outnumber any other large mammal in the reserve – during the migration literally millions are present, covering the plains like ants.

We spent hours watching a couple of prides of lions, and were even lucky enough to see one feasting on a wildebeest carcass.

A troop of baboons lived in the woods near the campsite and paid us a visit at dawn.

You couldn’t ask to get much closer than this!

Gazelle and Impala are two of the cheetah’s favourite feeds, and are very shy whenever big cats are around.

When they’re not eating or hunting, lions seem to spend most of their time asleep or dozing in the shade – very sensible!

It was quite an amazing experience to get this close to elephants!

These giraffes were comical to watch, and seemed to have quite a character – posing and strutting in front of the lorry so we could all get photos…

As we drove through the reserve on our first evening the driver spotted this herd of elephant and we watched as they chewed up a few trees.


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